December 18, 2020

Going Digital – Churches & COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed so many things in our daily lives and world including our accessibility to church gatherings & other religious gatherings like prayer groups and bible study. Christian worship in the U.S. strictly adheres to the traditions of their faith but with the pandemic raging on with no signs to an end anytime soon, the structure of their church & religious practices has significantly been altered. Some are fearing forever! That being said, how has the Coronavirus affected churches & religious practices?

Many of those with strong ties to their faith attended men’s fellowships, bible study, women’s fellowships & prayer groups. With social distancing and limiting contact with people to try and help to combat the spread of this horrible virus, many have lost communication with their church group members and also the sense of being a part of something bigger than themselves.  A study found that 90% of regular churchgoers in the United States, said that their churches had closed their doors moving their entire services & congression online in efforts to stop the spread of COVID but to also continue to spread their preachings & readings.

The Future Of Church Services

With virtually almost all of the churches in the U.S. moving their congressional online the question begs to be asked, will church forever be digital even when we find some relief? Some feel that while they made an effort to attend church at least 2x per week, now that services are online they are able to attend more. Maybe it’s the convenience of not having to pile the family in the car or just being able to connect anytime anywhere, but the fact that people feel this way is great! It lends hope in a time of a lot of stress & despair.

Others feel as if they have lost touch with their church & church groups because online meetings are easier to feel less guilt about not attending. On the other hand, many pastors & church leaders have made it their mission to continuously reach out more so than they normally would have had the church been in service. Understanding everyone is going through this differently & with different stresses and worries in place.

In the end, we should all appreciate the fact that we are able to go digital and still connect to those that share our faith and beliefs. In a time where we are forced to be apart, we can all stay connected!


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