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Rev. Carl H. Kemp, Pastor

A Simple Christmas
How To Have A Great Christmas
Luke 2

December 19, 2004


      (Luke 12:15)

 When you mention Christmas, people think THINGS and GETTING things.
There are three kinds of Christmas’s that will occur in every home in Ireland 

      A Sorrowful Christmas – Christmas is a time of incredible sadness and sorrow for so many people
A Sinful Christmas – for many it is just a paid excuse to sin and act the fool

Christmas parties – dancing on tables
Drinking themselves silly
Dying in horrible auto accidents because of drinking 

Or, a Simple Christmas

That’s just what the first Christmas was – one word – simple
Simple does not have to mean having no fun at all:

A dark house with no Christmas lights anywhere to be seen
An empty sitting room with no Christmas tree at all
Or even just peanut butter for Christmas dinner

Simple, simply means uncomplicated
Aren’t you glad when things are simple?
The opposite of simple is: fancy, elaborate, extravagant, expensive, and impressive
I’ve seen many a fancy, elaborate, extravagant, expensive, and impressive wedding, only to see that couple divorced or dead just a few years later.
I’ve been to many a fancy church, only to discover it is all show
I have known people to have expensive Christmas’s without any love at all
None of that stuff is what Christ had in mind when he was born in that cattle-barn 2,004 years ago

What he started, and expects us to continue was a simple kind of Christmas that he guarantees to end up being out of this world!


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