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Rev. Carl H. Kemp, Pastor

How Will The LORD Find His House When He Returns

February 20, 2005


Between chapter 12 & 13 there is a period of time when Nehemiah was not in Jerusalem. Chapter 13 given us description on how Nehemiah found the house (Temple) of the Lord.

When Jesus Christ returned to rapture His saints how will He find His house (Church)


I.           He Found The House Of God Defiled

            A.        They had quit reading the Law (Word) V-1  (Dt 23: 3-6) law 

            B.         They became friendly with the world V-4 (Eliashib was guilty of defiling the temple by assigning rooms to Tobiah the Ammonite. 

            C.        They Quit sacrificing V-5

            D.        They quit praying V-5

            E.         They forgot their covenant V-10 


II.          He Found The House Of God Defrauded V-10

            A.        Of time

            B.         Of Talent

            C.        Of tithe  


III         He Found The House Of God Forsaken

            A.        By leaders

            B.         By laity


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