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Rev. Carl H. Kemp, Pastor

Is There Any Hope?

March 27, 2005


Matthew 28:1-10


Introduction - In the middle of WW2, an American submarine was foundering off the coast of California. Badly damaged from a fight with Japanese destroyers, the sub managed to ride out the rough seas in an attempt to make it back to port. While still almost a day from safe harbor, the icy sea managed to choke out the engine. The sub slowly sank to the bottom of the ocean carrying all aboard down with it.

A full two days later, an American destroyer arrived on the scene and sent frogmen down to the sub. They used their knives to bang on the sides of the submarine, in an attempt to see if there were any survivors. Then, through the stillness, they waited, ........... From inside the disabled craft, came a message in Morse code.  Is there any hope ?

While we are not in a disabled submarine, each of us here is straining to hear the answer to the same question. We have discovered that the affluence that we seek brings with it unique problems. We are discovering all our possessions, even our apparel, that promise popularity, in reality, only put us on a tiresome treadmill gazing at the next new trend. The new TV show, AExtreme Make Overs, appeals to millions because the idea of a new look without a large nose or droopy cheeks seems to be what we all want, ..... but those make overs don’t last.

God, through the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, has answered a resounding  Yes !!  to mankind question, Is there any hope ?. There is hope because our sins have been paid for upon the cross of Calvary. There is hope because the body of Christ was placed in a tomb. There is hope because, on the third day Jesus rose from the dead. THERE IS HOPE BECAUSE THE DEVIL COULDN DECEIVE HIM, DEATH COULDN  STOP HIM, AND THE GRAVE COULDN  HOLD HIM !! 

I.                  The Resurrection Can Change Discouraging Situations Into Deliberate Stepping Stones.


1.                Jesus came to free all from sin.

2.                Jesus came to free all from self preoccupation.


1.                A tomb is not thought of as a happy place.

2.                They were going to do the only thing they knew to do. (smelling soap)

3.                Death brings out everyone mortality.


Conclusion - What did you bring with you this morning? Fear?  Discouragement? Wrong motives? Just as Jesus met those women so many years ago, He is here to meet you. He is here to give your life an AExtreme Make Over@ - a AFaithlift@ that will stand the test of time!! March 25, 2005


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