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Rev. Carl H. Kemp, Pastor

Jesus and the Outcast

October 28, 2007

John 4:1-26


We all admire the person with the gift to see potential. It is a great skill to look at a young child and say, “He could be a great athlete,” “She could be a great doctor,” “He could be a great musician,” or “She could be a great artist.” Jesus had that special insight. He could look at people rejected by the world and say, “She could make a great disciple.”


1.    Jesus meets us where we are.

It is unlikely this woman would have sought Jesus on her own.

We can’t get to His level, so he comes to us.

He meets us at strange times.

He meets us at ordinary times.


2.    Jesus knows who and what we are.

Jesus knew everything about this woman.

         We can’t hide ourselves from Him.

That can be troubling or it can be liberating.


3.    Jesus loves us as we are.

Jesus dealt with this woman gently and sensitively.

Sin cannot separate us from His love.

How can the one who really knows us love us so much?

How did we get the way we are? Only he can tell us.


4.    Jesus cares too much to let us stay as we are.

This woman had many problems, and because Jesus loved her he wanted her to have a better life than she had previously known.

Jesus loved this woman just as she was; he loved her too much to let her remain in her sad state.

He provides for us “living water.”


5.    Jesus wants to meet our deepest need.

Our deepest need is for salvation.

Salvation is a gift from him.

Salvation is a relationship with him.


6.    Jesus changes us.

Once we see who he is and who we are, we can’t help but be changed.

         Once he changes us we can’t help but tell others.


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