February 24, 2022

Providing Church Transportation

One of the biggest challenges when helping your church to grow is being able to get churchgoers there. While most people have their own means of transportation there are those who do not. Whether it be due to a disability, age, or lack of vehicle there are those churchgoers that would love to attend services and participate in the church but simply do not have the means to get there. Providing church-sponsored transportation by means of a bus or van can really help to allow those in need of transportation to become a part of the church and enjoy church services and activities.  But the benefits of church-provided transportation don’t just stop there. There are a number of positives to gain from establishing your own church transportation.


Having your church bus or van wrapped with a custom vinyl wrap can help to spread awareness and shine a light on your church. The vinyl wrap acts as a mobile billboard allowing you to bring attention to your church wherever you may go. People in the surrounding area may see your bus or van with your church’s name or website & phone number and decide to attend a service. What a great way to establish new connections and expand the size of your church. In fact, a small church in San Fransisco worked with a Bay Area vehicle wrap installer to wrap their church bus and saw their congregation grow by 12%!


Establishing regular routes, days and times will greatly help to bring those in the community that has no transportation to your church. By means of transportation, you will also be able to help transport more churchgoers to church-related events allowing them to participate and become more invested in their faith.


Providing church transportation is a great way to give back to the community. You are helping those in need who may feel alienated from the church and all that it has to offer. Your church will also be able to participate in more community events. Should you have a teen youth group within your church you are also able to offer different activities outside of the church with transportation provided. Group transportation to church-related activities is not only great for the teens involved but also helps the parents out too.

In the end, there are so many benefits that come with providing transportation for your church. From raising awareness to strengthening your ties to the community, and offering support & help to those in need are all great benefits. But being able to bring more people into your church is probably the #1 benefit. Creating an avenue to help others revel in their faith and create lasting bonds and relationships with the church and other churchgoers is amazing in itself! Amen!

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