October 23, 2020

The Amazing Benefits Of Small Church Groups

While being a member of a church definitely connects you to a lot of people who believe in the same higher power as you & reflect the same faith as you, it also can feel as if you are a tiny part of a huge group. And sometimes you may feel as if you get lost in the crowd. Forming small church groups or being a part of one allows you to nurture relationships with people of your church and connect with one another on a deeper level.

The Benefits of A Chruch Group

Although we are in the middle of a national pandemic forming and being a part of a church group can still happen. While most church groups meet in person, nowadays with technology you can still make that happen. With zoom meetings, skype, and other video-related technology, groups are still able to meet, share, and connect with one another. Often seeing the person or people you are talking to, praying with, or sharing with creates a deeper connection.

Another great thing about church groups is that they are tailored around a group of people with common interests, age, etc. This means you can create a youth group for teens at your church, or perhaps a group for those new to the church or new to finding their faith & connection with god. Often tailoring groups to specific categories allows for people to really explore and foster relationships with others.

Church groups are also responsible for some of the best “real”’ friendships out there. People become extremely close and find some of their truest friendship connections. The type of friendship where you can call the other person day or night no matter the time or circumstances and they would be there unconditionally. 

Try starting a small church group through your congressional and watch the relationships, love, faith, and hope that bloom from it!   


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